Atleta Races is the racing arm of Philippine athletic wear distributor Atleta Ako, organizing fun events for the local multi-sport community.

The organization was founded by interior designer and entrepreneur Cecile Narvaez-Hufana, who found a new lifelong passion in running, cycling, and swimming when she first rode a bike in 2008. She originally intended Atleta Ako and Atleta Races to empower female athletes who are also finding themselves and their comfort in the sport.

"My adventures in multi-sport inspired me to create Atleta Ako, and eventually Atleta Races, with the belief that every woman should be allowed to express their femininity even while doing their favorite sports," says Ces. "We come in different curves and sizes, but this shouldn't stop us from being able to do the sports we love, both in style and with ease."

Since the first Atleta Ako Women's Aquathlon in 2015, Atleta Races has been supporting and organizing race events for women, eventually expanding to include and host a safe, welcoming space for everyone.